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What Equipment Do the Top Cleaning Companies Use?

The demand for professional cleaning services is constantly growing every day. This is not surprising, since the service allows you to significantly save personal time. Supportive care of the home, furniture, and all coatings, making the premises look perfect after renovation, ordering the office, and much more — these are the tasks that the cleaning specialists perform. And, of course, in such a case one cannot do without special equipment.

Basic Equipment

Window cleaning, general cleaning, office cleaning, furniture dry cleaning, carpet cleaning — you cannot cope with all this with a single household vacuum cleaner. You need serious equipment — as a rule, during cleaning, especially after repairs, at least three different types of cleaning equipment are used.

Only professional equipment of proven brands is allowed to restore order, which allows you to avoid malfunctions or insufficiently high-quality performance of functions. The basic units for cleaning include:

  • Vacuum cleaners. Different models allow for both dry and wet cleaning. They not only remove small debris and dust but also thoroughly clean a variety of textile surfaces.
  • Scrubber dryers. They clean floors from dirt, dust, oil, and floor marks.
  • Steam generators. They perfectly clean furniture and carpets and are often able to dry textiles, get rid of unpleasant odors.
  • Steam cleaners. They effectively remove dirt, dust, grease, mould from every hard surface without the use of cleaning agents.

Special equipment is more powerful than household equipment. It is easier for specialists with such equipment because it works quickly, simply, and flexibly — the units are designed for cleaning even hard-to-reach places. All this guarantees cleanliness and the highest hygiene performance that cannot be achieved with conventional products.

The Types of Equipment Depend on the Tasks

Depending on the target audience of the cleaning company, it selects the necessary equipment.

  • If it is apartment cleaning and regular cleaning of small offices, then it is enough to buy a vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner, hand tools, and consumables.
  • If a cleaning company is determined to clean large and very large objects, such as an airport, shops, large office premises, to take over entire buildings with a large internal and local area for maintenance, then a little different equipment should be purchased. It includes industrial vacuum pumps, powerful large vacuum cleaners, foam generators, floor polishers, rotary machines, floor cleaning machines, tools for removing snow, including from the roof, road cleaning equipment.
  • For cleaning inside small rooms, manual equipment is used. To wash the floor in large areas, professional scrubber driers are used, the power and productivity of which are many times higher than manual ones.

Today, technologies have reached the point that large industrial equipment is connected to the GPS so that the work of the machine and the worker can be monitored.

Serious Approach

Depending on the complexity of the task, the cleaning masters can use more specialized devices. So, high-performance vacuum cleaners with a powerful vacuum pump, scrubber-suction machines, fast and compact, multifunctional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning of furniture and carpets are used.

In addition to the above tools, the following are also used:

  • devices for high-altitude cleaning;
  • versatile glass wipers for washing windows, showcases, mirrors, etc.;
  • high-pressure equipment;
  • polishing machines;
  • pumps, hoses for water.

Additional Materials

  • Detergents. To carry out the most effective cleaning, in addition to the equipment, specialists use environmentally friendly detergents that do not contain corrosive agents and other components that can harm things. All cleaning chemicals must have appropriate certificates confirming their safety and non-toxicity. Competent cleaners always know what to use in a specific situation — and, thanks to them, the premises will always be clean and pleasing to the eye.
  • Cleaning cloths. Everything is simple here, you need aprons mainly, for more complex work suits and robes, as well as gloves, sneakers, respirators, glasses, and so on.

Modern cleaning technology provides ample opportunities for thorough and effective cleaning of any premises. That is why serious companies are careful in choosing the necessary equipment. Professional cleaning equipment is durable and practical because it is designed for everyday work in difficult conditions. In addition, modern cleaning equipment can be used outdoors and indoors. Cleaning equipment will cope with any kind of dirt, from a stain on a table napkin to removing snow.

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