Top 4 Services Provided by Cleaning Companies

Professional cleaning implies a differentiated approach to services. This means that each client chooses only the type of cleaning that he needs at the moment. There are four main types of cleaning that are provided by specialized companies.

Daily Cleaning

There are several reasons to order a daily cleaning service:

  • maintaining cleanliness and order;
  • prevention of respiratory diseases;
  • cleaning of garbage accumulated during the working day;
  • creating comfortable working conditions for each employee;
  • maintaining a respectable interior.

The list of services for daily complex cleaning of premises is quite large so that the result is always perfect. If necessary, it can be expanded, and the main actions of specialists are as follows:

  1. Supportive cleaning of all surfaces.
  2. Complex effect on all surfaces (manual and mechanical methods are used).
  3. Cleaning of areas adjacent to the building.
  4. Collection and removal of garbage with the replacement of plastic bags.
  5. Sanitary and hygienic work.
  6. Washing walls, ceilings, floors, and partitions.

Maintenance Cleaning

This is a set of measures aimed at effectively removing dirt, debris, and dust from the premises. In homes and apartments, this type of cleaning can be done once a week. The expediency of routine cleaning is to prevent the accumulation of dirt, which, as a result, adversely affects those present in the room.

Maintenance cleaning of apartments and offices includes the following steps:

  1. The use of special solutions for washing and cleaning contaminated areas of premises.
  2. Preparation of solutions of special concentration for disinfection treatment.
  3. Even during the current cleaning process, floors are washed with the help of special products and solutions that can disinfect surfaces at the proper level.
  4. Ventilation of premises.
  5. Cleaning of bathrooms.
  6. Taking out the trash.

It usually doesn’t take a lot of time (it all depends on the squaring), since the cleaners don’t have to deal with a lot of dirt and specific stains. Maintenance cleaning is ordered if the client just needs to tidy up his apartment or other objects.

General Cleaning

This is one of the most time-consuming types of cleaning. It is not carried out as often as the maintenance one, but it requires a more significant investment of time and labor since it includes a wide range of works, including cleaning hard-to-reach areas. General cleaning of the apartment is recommended at least twice a year.

General cleaning in an apartment, house, and cottage is useful not only for health. It helps to extend the life of household appliances and electronics, because the less dust in the room, the less it gets through the vents inside the case. More light enters the room through clean windows.

The work plan for each room is different, but in general terms, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Cleaning from dust, cobwebs of ceilings, ceiling lamps, cornices, cabinet lids, wet cleaning of washable surfaces.
  2. Cleaning the walls from dust, dirt along with the entire height, with furniture moving aside.
  3. Processing of external surfaces of furniture, household appliances, interior items, lamps. First, dust is brushed off them, then, depending on the material, they are washed, wiped with polish.
  4. Cleaning the inside of cabinets, nightstands, dressers, wiping the inner surfaces, folding things into neat piles.
  5. Heating radiators cleaning.
  6. Washing of window frames and sills, doors.
  7. Vacuum cleaner and steam generator cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.
  8. Cleaning the floor from dust, debris with a vacuum cleaner, wet cleaning of the floor and baseboards.
  9. Airing and garbage removal.

Most often, work begins in the bedroom and other living rooms, continues in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet, and ends in the hall. General cleaning of premises for various purposes has its specifics.

Post-Renovation Cleaning

After completing all the renovation work, the owners are faced with a new problem — cleaning. After all, you will need to clean not only the room where the renovation took place but also the apartment as a whole. Dust and dirt get into hard-to-reach places and cosmetic cleaning is not able to cope with such dirt.

Cleaning the premises after renovation includes a whole range of works. First of all, specialists get rid of dust and pay attention to ventilation. If this is not done, then the dust will reappear. Cleaning includes several stages:

  1. Garbage removal and room cleaning.
  2. Removing dust from furniture, other surfaces, and floors.
  3. Removal of stains of any complexity.
  4. Floor cleaning and polishing.
  5. Wet cleaning, interior, and exterior furniture cleaning.
  6. Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing.
  7. Complete dry cleaning of furniture and surfaces.
  8. Windows cleaning from both sides, including slopes and window sills.

Cleaning of cottages after the renovation has more stages. In addition to internal cleaning, the facade and the area near the house are cleaned.

The specialists of the cleaning company undergo special training and use professional equipment, tools, materials to create the most comfortable and safe environment for employees and customers.

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