How Much Is It Realistic to Wash Windows with a Pressure Washer?

Washing windows is a rather unpleasant, but still necessary process. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean all the windows in the house. You need to spend several hours with a bucket, a rag, and endless attempts not to leave streaks on the glass.

Various detergents don’t simplify the task at all, but on the contrary, they can only make everything worse, causing irritation or an allergic reaction. Make things worse by causing irritation or an allergic reaction.

Few people realize that windows can be brought into perfect condition quickly, without much effort and contact, at the same time, with cleaning chemicals. This can be done with the pressure washer used for Patio doors by Ecoline.

How to Clean Windows with a Pressure Washer

  • Step 1. Estimate the conditions. Take a close look at your windows before using your pressure washer. Make sure all seals are in good condition and the frames around the windows are not damaged. If you plan to reseal or repair frames, avoid pressure washing until repairs have been made. Be aware of any finishing gaps that may need repainting. A pressure washer can help knock off loose paint layers, but it can also damage bare wood if the water flow is too strong.
  • Step 2. Water the ground and plants under the window. Soaking the soil under each window helps dilute the chemicals in the soap you will use to clean your windows. It will help to avoid chemical burns on plants.
  • Step 3. Add soap concentrate to the pressure washer tank. Pour a multipurpose soap that is designed for pressure washers into the tank of your device. Most detergent manufacturers indicate on the packaging that the soap is safe for siding, windows, and sidewalks.
  • Step 4. Use a pressure washer to apply the soap. Switch on the washer. Use a soapy spray to wash off any dirt by holding the tip of the spray gun at a 45-degree angle to the window. Aiming the nozzle at an angle to the target can more effectively pick up and remove dirt from the trim, windowsill, and glass underneath. It will also help knock off loose paint, which will help prepare the window trim for the next coat of paint.
  • Step 5. Flush the windows. Turn off the pressure washer and switch the sprayer to general mode. A tip that provides a 15 to 20-degree angle will provide a stronger pressure flow that will effectively remove soap that is on the surface and any dirt that has been loosened by the soap. Water from the top of the window down to flush the window completely.

Once completed, make sure the glazing and sealant are still in good condition and allow the window to air dry for a few days before casting and painting.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Windows

  • This method of washing doesn’t leave streaks. After a short treatment, your windows will be perfectly clean.
  • You don’t have to put in a lot of effort. Holding a hose in your hand and directing the water to the right place is much easier than wielding a rag.
  • You will not be in contact with detergents. You don’t need to apply the detergent to the window surface yourself. Likewise, you don’t need to touch the glass with your hands at all.


First of all, you need to remember that the pressure in the sink can damage any surface, even metal. Of course, this depends on the model of the sink, but if you start using the device at maximum power to wash the windows, then you risk just breaking the glass.

It is also not recommended to treat old eyes with a pressure washer. This should not be done for 2 reasons:

  • the glasses in them are quite fragile, and they can be damaged, even with a weak pressure of water from the mini-washer;
  • the wooden frames of such windows are covered with a layer of paint that prevents them from rotting but can be easily removed with a powerful water jet.

Also, using a pressure washer for inside windows is not the best option.

Washing windows from the outside is always a laborious process. A high-pressure washer will help to facilitate it. It will wash away all dirt both on the glasses themselves and on frames and window sills in a matter of seconds.

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